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Carbon Brushes for HOOVER CANDY Washing Machine with Sole Motor 09200626

Hoover Candy Sole Motor Washing Machine Carbon Brushes 09200626

These brushes are suitable for the Sole Motor. If your motor is Ceset these brushes will not be suitable

Suitable for The Following Models


5+5ALISE1201 ACS100 ACS100 SY ACS100.6SY ACS101 ACS106 ACS120 ACS130 ACS130.6SY ACS130CE SY ACS130P ACS130SY ACS132 ACS136 ACS65SY ACS80 ACS80.6SY ACS80SY ACS86 ALCB103TR ALCB106TR-04 ALCB115-47 ALCL126-47 ALISE CB103TR ALISE CB123TR ALISE CB133TR ALISE CB83TR ALISE CBL1355 AQ1000T AQ1000T-45 AQ1000T-80 AQ1000TMET AQ120/1TUK AQ130/1T-80 AQ130/1TUK AQ800T AQ800T-45 AQC101TR AQC102TR AQUAVIVA 110T AQUAVIVA 120T AQUAVIVA125T AQUAVIVA130T C1 145-14S C1025-37 C105TXT-16S C1105-14S C1125-14S C125TXT-16S C1508-01S C2 105-84 C2 115-47 C2 125-84 C2 145-47 C2085-16S C2085.5 C2095-16S C2105-47 C2105-86S C2125-47 C2125-86S C2145-86S C2510-01S C2512-01S C514-80/1 CBD100-16S CBD100.65-04 CBD100.6IT CBD101.75 CBD1060-37CO CBD110 CBD110-47 CBD116-37 CBD116-37SME CBD1161-37 CBD1163-37S CBD120-16S CBD125-14 CBD125-84 CBD130 CBD130-16S CBD136-37 CBD136-47 CBD145-01S CBD60-85 CBD70 IT CBD80-85 CBD80P CBD85.65-04S CBD85P CBD86SY CBD96-37 CBE1025T CBE1025TS5 CBE1225T CBE130TV47 CBE825T CBE825TS5 CBE87 CBE88 CBL100 CBL100 PL CBL100 SY CBL100.6 SY CBL1055 CBL106ES CBL120 CBL120 SY CBL130 CBL130 SY CBL130PDE CBL130PSY CBL65.6SY CBL75.6SY CBL76ES CBL85 CBL85 SY CBL85.6SY CBL863ES CBL864ES CBL86ES CBL96ES MIRO CDB115-80 CDB134-SY CE450 CGA814R CHIARA772ETR CIN100T CIN100TUK CIN126TL-37S CIN80T CIW100T CIW100TUK CJE813 CL2 087-85 CL2 107-01S CL2 127-80 CL2 127/1-36 CL2 147-01S CL2087-85S CL2117-01S CL2127-36S CLD135-86S CM1 126-80 CM106TXT-01 CM106TXT-03S CM1146-80 CM1146S-80 CM126.5TXT CM126TXT-01 CM126TXT-16S CM146TXT-1 CM146TXT-14M CM1612-80 CM1612J CM2 146-14 CM2 146-47 CM2 166-14 CM2076-18S CM2086-01 CM2086-18S CM2106-01 CM2106-16S CM2106.5 CM2106S-01S CM211-37S CM2116-37S CM2126-03S CM2126-14 CM2126-47 CM2136-14 CM2136-47 CM2146-14 CM2146-47 CM2146-86S CM2610-37 CM2611S-37 CM611TXT-37 CM613TXT-37 CM614TXT-37 CMD106 CMD106-16S CMD126-01 CMD126-04S CMD126-50HZ CMD136-80 CMD136-86 CMD146-80 CMD146S CMD166A-39 CN100T ARGOS CN105T CN116TUK CN126T-80 CN126TUK CN136T-80 CN136TUK CN450 UK CNA127-80 CNA135-80 CNA145-80 CNE100TV CNE101T CNE103T-04S CNE108T CNE109T CNE110TV47 CNE128T CNE128TV-01S CNE138T CNE78T CNE85TS CNE85TV CNE88T CNE88TV47 CNE89T CNL085-03S CNL105-37S CNL125-84S CNL135AQ-80 CNL136-47S CNL145-83S CNV256-80 CNW136T CNWD136 CNWD146 CTD105TV CTD1060 CWB100-37S CWB110-80 CWB120-37S CWB80-37S CWD126-47 CWD146-47 CY104TXT-16 CY1084-16S CY2 1035-03 CY2074-01S CY2084-16S CY2104-16S CYNL084-03S D.QUICK131 GO105-01 GO106-01 GO106-37 GO106TXT-01 GO107-01 GO108-37 GO11-37S GO116TXT-37 GO126-14 GO126-37 GO126-80 GO126S-80 GO126TXT-01 GO136-14 GO145-84 GO146-14 GO146-80 GO146-84 GO510-16S GO512-16S GO514-86S GO610-37S GO610S-01S GO610TXT-07S GO611-37S GO612-37S GO612-47 GO612TXT-07S GO612X-37S GO613-47 GO614-47 GO614-86S GO614TXT-14S GO67-18S GO68-18S GO710-16S GO86-01 HNF6107-85 HOL1002TL HOL1040TXT HOL803TL HOLIDAY1035 HOLIDAY1040 HOLIDAY804 KITCB83TR SEL.732ETR SMART.COM13 SMART.COMP13 WA183.5-88S


AIS136 31 AIS136PL AIS136SY AL120 AL126 11 AL130 AL130 11 AL130 31 AL132 11 AL80 AL86 11 AM1042S11 AM1243S 11 AM132 11 AM842S AM843S 11 CLD135-01 H100EPL H110M H110M6 SY H120E H127-47 H130E H130M H147-47 H5 13MCE H5 13MDE H70M6 SY H80E HDB244-80 HDB284-80 HDB284-SY HF100E HF120E HF130E HF140E HF160E HFN7313 HFN7613 HI148 HI168 HLN6212 HN33 5654 HN33 6804 HN336104-30 HN4105-30S HN4805-30S HN5125-84S HN5135-83M HN6125-89S HN6135-84 HN6135-86S HNF 6127 HNF2127-80 HNF2137-80 HNF2137S-80 HNF3147-80 HNF3157-80 HNF3167-80 HNF3167S-80 HNF6107-85 HNF6127 HNF6127-37S HNF6127-80 HNF6127P HNF6137-16S HNF6137-88M HNF6137P HNF6147 HNF6147-80 HNF6167-80 HNF6167P HNF687-85 HNF7127 HNF7128-80 HNF7138-80 HNF7147 HNF7148-80 HNF7167-80 HNF9137-03S HNF9137-86 HNF9147Z HNF9167 HNF9167-03 HNF9167-16 HNF9167-83M HNF9167-86 HNF9167Z HNF9167Z-80 HNF9167ZS-80 HNL2126-80 HNL2126-80 HNL2126S-80 HNL2136-80 HNL2136S HNL6106-37S HNL6106.5-04 HNL6106Z-30 HNL6126 HNL6126S HNL6136S HNL6146-83 HNL6146-83M HNL6146-84 HNL6146-86 HNL686-30 HNL686-37S HNL7126-80 HNL7126S-80 HNL9116-85S HNL9126-16S HNL9136-03S HNL9136-37S HNL9136-80 HNWF3135 HNWF3137 HNWF6135 HNWF6135S HNWF6137 HNWF6137E HNWF6165-88 HNWF6167-14 HNWF6167-80 HNWF6167-84 HNWF6167-84M HNWF6167-86 HNWF6167-88M HNWF7137-80 HNWF7167-80 HNWF7168-80 HNWF9167-80 HNWL3126 HNWL3136 HNWL3136S HNWL6126E-30 HNWL6136 HNWL6136-84S HNWL6136-85S HNWL6136S-80 HNWL6146 HNWL6146-84 HNWL7136 HNWL7136-80 HNWL7136S HNWL7146-80 HP12J-80 HP13-80 HP13ECE HP13EDE HP14-80 HP14J-80 HP16-80 HP6 110M HP6 120M HP6 130M HPA135-80 HPA146-80 HPB145-80 HPE236-80 HPF137 HPF167-80 HPL145-84 HPL146-84 HPWD136-80 HPWD166-80 HSE130M HSPF157 HSPF167 HSW2115M HSW2125M HSWD126-80 HSWD146 HSWF147-80 HSWF167-80 HV6 16-47 HVP13 HVP16-03S HVP16AL-HV6A HVP16ALU-03S HW355-47 HW5213MUK HW556-47 HW6313ECE HW6313MUK HWB240-80 HWB280-30S HWB280-80 HWD120-80 HWD120TD80 HWD130J-80 HWF5513EF HWF5516ECE HWM120TS80 HWP12-80 KITHNL3137 LSTEEL1059E OHFN4117 OHFN6711-37 OHNL6116 OHNWF6127 PE235-80 PFA137-80 PFA167-80 PFW135-80 PFW137-80 PPA 136-80 PPA136S PPA146-80 PPW126-80 SE234-80 VHD106-16S VHD146-86S VHD610-30 VHD614-84 VHD710-30 VHD814-80 VISION 16 VISION 16 VISION 16 ALU VISION 16EAST VISION16P UK VISION 16PLUS VISION 16PLUS VISION 16SY VISION 16SYRE W105SX/1 WDM130 11

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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Since 1966
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