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Genuine Bosch KTR1670GB KTL16420 Fridge Freezer Refrigerator White Evaporator Door Handle


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Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s): 00059468

Fits Models ⤸

Bosch Freezer

KIC3134/01, KIC3134CH/01, KIC3134IE/01, KIC3135/01, KIC3135/02, KIC3135/42, KIC3135/43, KIC3135CH/01, KIC3135IE/01, KIC3135IE/02, KIC3135IE/42, KIC3135IE/43, KIC3240GB/31, KIC3240GB/32, KIL38A40GB/01, KIL38A41GB/01, KIL38A41GB/02, KIL38A50GB/01, KIL38A65/01, KIV3233/01, KIV3233/02, KIV3233CH/01, KIV3233CH/02, KIV3233FF/01, KIV3233FF/02, KIV3233II/01, KIV3233II/02, KIV3234/01, KIV3234CH/01, KIV3234FF/01, KIV3234IE/01, KIV3235/01, KIV3235/42, KIV3235CH/01, KIV3235CH/42, KIV3235FF/01, KIV3235FF/42, KIV3235GB/01, KIV3235GB/42, KIV3235IE/01, KIV3235IE/02, KIV3235IE/42, KIV3235IE/43, KIV3235NE/41, KIV3236GB/01, KIV32444GB/01, KIV32444GB/02, KIV32444GB/03, KIV32900/01, KIV32900CH/01, KIV32900FF/01, KIV32900GB/01, KIV32900IE/01

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