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Black Control Knob for HOTPOINT Hot-ArI oven cooker C00274554


Black Control Knob for HOTPOINT Oven cooker

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible with Part Number(s): 101-IN-47823C ,  C00274554

Fits Models: 7OFH620, 7OFH620 (BK)RU/HA, 7OFH837C, 7OFH837C (BK) RU/HA, DH51K, DH53CK, DH53CKS, DH53K, DH53KS, DH93CK, DH93CX, DH93K, DH93KS, FH21, FH21 , FH21S, FH23C, FH51, FH51S, FH538, FH53IX , FH53IX/HA, FH62, FH62 , FH837C, FH83C, FH89P, FH99C, FH99P, HH10, HH50, HH627, MH99.1, MH99.1 (BK) /HA, MH99.1 (BK) /HA S, SH31K, SH33K, SH33KS, SH53K, SH53KS, SH83CK, SH83CKS, SH83K, SH83KS, UH51K, UH53K, UH53KS

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