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Bent End Handle Rod Wand Tube Pipe for Numatic Henry Hetty James Nuvac etc Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic Henry George Charles Bent End Tool Adaptor Chrome Handle Hoover
Bent End Rod Wand Handle With Variable Suction Control

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible Part Number(s): 601027

Product Specification: Chrome 32mm Bent end tool adaptor,
fits between the hose & tools

Fit the following Models:
Henry, Hetty, James, Harry, Nuvac, George, Edward, Basil,
Rucksack & Commercial Machines. Including: Henry HVR200,
HVC200, Turbo HVR200T, Xtra HVX200a, Micro HVR200M-22,
James JVP180, HVC200, HVR200, JVC235, JVR225, NRV200,
NV/SE250/350, NV-200, NNV-200, NNV-204, NVH-180, NVH-200,
NVP-180, NVP-200, VNP-180, NSP-180A, NSP200A, PSP-200A,
VNR-200, NSR-200A, NVR-200, NRV-200, NRV-204, NRV-200T,
PVR-200A, PVT-220A, NST-220A, NVQ-200
and models: NVQ-202, NVQ-204, NVQ-200T, NVQ-250, NVQ-250B,
NVQ-252, NVQ-254, NVQ-250T, NQS-200, NQS-200T, AVQ-250,
MFQ-300, RSV-130, RSV-130M, RSV-130P, RSV-134, RSV-134P.
RSV-130T, RSAV-130, RSV-200, RSV-200P, RSV-200M, RSV-204,
RSV-204P, RSV-200T, RSAV-200, HZQ-200, HZQ-250, NB-200,
JVH-180, JVP-180, JVP-180A, HVR-200, HVR-200A, HVR-200P,
HVR-200M, HVR-204, HVR-204P, HVR-200T, HVX-200, HVX-200A,
HHR-200, HET-200A, HET-200

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you perfect AAA

Thank you perfect AAA

Arrived before stated time and as described in description

Arrived before stated time and as described in description

Customer Reviews

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