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4 x Servis Baumatic Electra Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifters 398101400


4 x Servis Baumatic Electra Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifters 398101400

The plastic drum paddles, agitators or lifters which are located inside the drum of your washing machine are there to "lift" the clothing up, allowing it to fall back down as part of the mechanical wash action. They are essential for proper washing result.

You would be ill-advised to use your washing machines if any of the drum paddles have been snapped, broken off or otherwise damaged as using your machine with one busted can result in damage to your laundry. Actually, it's almost certain to tear up your clothes and possibly destroy the drum as well!

The reason they will break is usually due to people putting too much in the machine and overloading it or, washing things like trainers or kids shoes that should not be in a washing machine.

Dimensions 213x35 mm

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 398101400, SV70101, ARD651007381, 651007381, SER398101400, SER651007381, QUADRM01, DRM01, 5045171881718, 5031688264281, 70-SV-05, 70-SV-05A

Fits Models: 


AWM1200, E6620W, E6640W, E6720C, E6740W, E6760AL, E6860W 

M3810, M3810G, M3810S, M3814, M3814AL, M6005S-1, M6005W-1, M6006W-1, M6012, M6015, M6216AL, M6500S, M6500W-1, M6504W, M6505S-1, M6601S, M6601W, M6602W, M6604W, M6614W, M6651W, M6652W, M6654S, M6654W, M6666, M6702BL, M6702S, M6702W, M6704W, M6705W, M6712W, M6713W, M6715W, M6723W, M6725BL, M6725S, M6725W, M6753W, M6755B, M6755S, M6755W, M6766, M6802S, M6802W, M6804W, M6821W, M6822W, M6824W, M6852W, M6854W, M6856S, M6856W, M9503S-1, M9503W-1, M9505W-1, M9612W, M9614S, M9614W, M9713, M9713S, M9822W, M9824S, M9824W

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