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2 x Washing Machine Shock absorbers for MIELE W400 W500 W600 W700 W800 W900

for Miele Washing Machine Suspension Arms, Shock Absorbers

Replaces Part Numbers: - 00118869, 04151285, 04500820, 04500823, 04500826, 06200778, 118869, 4500826

Total Length 200mm, extends to 280mm


W731, W807, W3105 type(TYP) : W3105, W3241 type(TYP) : W3241, W800, W433, W204, W162, W1714, W300, W405SB, W843, W844, W668, WT746, W2659, W149, W839, W429, W429S, W772, W974, W106, W108, W110, W115, W118, W120, W130, W131, W134, W135, W140, W141, W142, W143, W144, W145, W145S, W146, W147, W205, W150, W151, W1511, W1512, W1513, W1514, W1515, W1522, W1523, W153, W1534, W155, W160, W161, W1611, W1612, W1613, W1614, W1615, W1616, W200, W1622, W1664, W1623, W163, W1634, W165, W1662, W167, W168, W1712, W1713, W1715, W1716, W1723, W1724, W1726, W173, W1730, W1733, W1734, W1735, W174, W1740, W1743, W1744, W1747, W1749, W1754, W1762, W1764, W1779, W1780, W180, W183, W194, W207, W2100, W2102, W2104, W2105, W2108, W211, W212, W2120, W2121, W2122, W2123, W2126, W2127, W2129, W2140, W2141, W2143, W217, W2203, W2205, W2209I, W2240, W2241, W2242, W2243, W2244, W2245, W2246, W2248, W2260, W2261, W2266, W227, W2361, W2364, W2365, W237, W2440, W2441, W2443, W2444, W2445, W2446, W822, W2447, W2448, W2460, W2461, W2465, W2468, W247, W250, W2505, W2514, W2515, W2518, W2521, W2522, W2523, W2525, W2527, W254, W255, W2552, W2553, W2557, W257, W2572, W2573, W2577, W2584, W2585, W2587, W2597, W261, W262, W2622, W2623, W2627, W2652, W2653, W2657, W2659, W2659I, W2662, W2663, W2667, W267, W277, W2809, W2809I, W2819I, W2839, W287, W2885, W2886, W2888, W2889, W297, W302, W303, W304, W305, W306, W307, W308, W309, W310, W3100, W3102, W3104, W311, W3114, W312, W3120, W3121, W3122, W3123, W313, W3131, W3132, W3133, W3143, W315, W3162, W3164, W317, W320, W3202, W3203, W3204, W3205, W3213, W3214, W3215, W322, W3222, W3224, W323, W3239, W3240, W3242, W3243, W3244, W3245, W3246, W3248, W3250, W3251, W3253, W3255, W3260, W3261, W3264, W3266, W3268, W327, W330, W332, W333, W3361, W3364, W3365, W337, W3370, W3371, W3374, W3375, W3385, W340, W341, W342, W343, W3440, W3441, W3444, W3446, W3448, W3465, W347, W349, W3505, W351, W3514, W3515, W352, W3521, W3522, W3523, W3525, W3527, W353, W355, W3553, W3557, W357, W3574, W3575, W360, W361, W362, W363, W367, W370, W3724, W373, W3732, W3732 ED, W374, W3740, W3741, W3743, W3744, W3745, W3748 ED, W375, W3750, W376, W3764, W377, W3780, W3781, W3791, W381, W3813, W3821, W3822, W3823, W3824, W3825, W3826, W383, W3830, W3831, W3833, W3835, W3836, W3838, W3840, W3841, W3844, W3845, W3854, W3855, W387, W3870, W3902, W3903, W397, W398, W400SB, W402SB, W404SB, W406SB, W407SB, W408SB, W409SB, W410SM, W413, W413SM, W414SM, W4144, W4145, W415SM, W4154, W4156, W416SM, W4164, W4166, W417, W417SM, W4176, W418, W418SM, W419, W419SM, W421SR, W422, W423, W423DR, W423SR, W424, W424SR, W425, W425SR, W426, W426SR, W427, W427SR, W428, W430, W430S, W431, W432, W432S, W432E, W433S, W433E, W434, W434S, W435, W435S, W435E, W436, W437, W437S, W437E, W438, W439, W439S, W439E, W440, W440S, W440U, W441, W441S, W442, W442S, W442U, W443, W443S, W443U, W444S, W4449, W445S, W4459, W4469, W447S, W4479, W449S, W450S, W451, W451S, W452S, W452E, W453, W453S, W453E, W454, W455S, W457S, W457E, W458, W458U, W459, W459S, W459U, W459E, W460S, W461S, W463S, W467S, W470S, W471S, W473S, W476S, W477S, W479S, W480S, W485S, W487S, W489S, W489SI, W500, W502, W504, W505, W506, W507, W508, W509, W513, W522, W524, W525, W526, W527, W528, W529, W531, W540, W542, W544, W550, W552, W553, W555, W556, W558, W559, W560, W564, W565, W584, W600, W601, W604, W605, W614, W616, W624, W625, W627, W635, W643, W647, W650, W660, W664, W665, W667, W674, W677, W678, W679, W684, W685, W687, W688, W693, W695, W697, W698, W699, W700, W701, W701W, W711, W751, W753, W754, W754S, W755, W756, W756W, W757, W758, W759, W760, W761, W763, W765, W770, W780, W782, W783, W784, W802, W803, W804, W805, W806, W808, W809, W810, W811, W812, W816, W817, W818, W819, W820, W821, W823, W824, W825, W827, W828, W829, W830, W831, W832, W833, W834, W835, W836, W837, W838, W840, W842, W843, W845, W850, W851, W852, W853, W854, W855, W857, W859, W861, W862, W863, W864, W865, W866, W867, W870, W872, W873, W874, W875, W876, W877, W878, W4146, WS5101, WS5426 type(TYP) : WS5426, WS5435 type(TYP) : WS5435, WT946, W937

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent, 
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 
All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.
bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business 
Established in 1966 .
All orders are dispatched the same working day, 
Via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Pauling
Miele Washing Machine shock absorbers

Right product, delivered quickly. Only small issue was that label on parts did not indicate it was for my machine as the website indicated it was, in fact my machine was absent from the label list. A call to Barty was required to confirm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review