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2 x IKEA ZANKER Cooker Hood Vent Filter Charcoal Carbon Range Extractor FIL400

2 x Active Carbon Odour Filters 

112.0254.245, FÖRTROLLA Wall mounted extractor hood, off-white 102.720.62, LÄCKERBIT Extractor hood 702.720.64, LUFTIG extractor hood 400 m³/h 402.224.00, LUFTIG extractor hood 400 m³/h 802.224.03, LUFTIG Extractor hood, stainless steel 202.224.01, NYTTIG


155mm X 16mm

Pack of 2 Filters
Change filter every:
 3 months (heavy use) -- 
6 months (normal use) --
 9 months (light use)

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