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10 X Miele FJM Type S6210 S6000 Series Cat & Dog Microfibre Vacuum Cleaner Bags


Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Genuine Part Number: 991771000019, 9153490

Replace both the Red collar FJM Type New improved 3D vacuum cleaner bags HyClean dust bag with 3D technology Retains more fine dust and small particles than any other conventional dust bag Fits the following models - S300, S700, S2000, S4000, S5000, S6000, S7000, S8000 series Classic C1, Complete C2, Complete C3,

10 x Microfibre Dust Bags
2 x Super Air Clean Filter
2 x Motor Filter
Pack of TEN air freshener sticks for vacuum cleaners Pink Flower Fresh Scent

Universal use Air Fresheners -just pop into your dust bag or your collection bin and the freshener stick gets to work straight away, releasing fragrance into the airflow and out of the machine to breathe freshness into your home without overpowering it Refreshing and long lasting Pink Flower Fresh Scent scented fragrance

Fits Models:
S6000 (S6) series, - all models to - S6999
S4000 (S4) series - all models to - S4999
S700 series - all models to - S799
S500 series - all models to - S578
S300I (S4) series - all models to - S399
S290 series - all models to - S299
S241 series - all models to S256i
Compact C1 series
Compact C2 series
Complete C1 series

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