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LG Washing Machine Motor Hall Sensor 6501KW2001A F1402FDS5, F1403FD, F1403RD


for  LG  Motor Washing Machine Hall Sensor 

Replacement motor hall sensor for your LG washing machine

Replaces part number - 6501KW2001A

Fits the following models

F1222TD, F1222TD5, F1247TD5, F1256QD, F1402FDS5, F1403FD, F1403RD, F1403RD6, F1403TDS, F1403YD5, F1422TD, F1422TD5, F1443KD6, F1443KDS, F1447TD, F1456QD, F1479FDS5, F1480FD, F1480FD6, F1480QDS, F1480TDS, F1480YD5, F1681TD5, WD12124RD, WD12317RD, WD12317RDK, WD12331AD, WD12336AD, WD14124RD, WM12311FD, WM12341FD, WM1285FHD, WM14220FD, WM14225FD, WM14316FD, WM14316RD, WM14331FD, WM14331FDK, WM14391TD, wm14391tdk, WM14396TD, WM14396TDK, WM14440TDS, WM16336FDK, WM16340FD, WTR1071TP

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