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Belt For Hoover Candy Washing Machines Size 1225J5EL

Belt For Hoover Candy Washing Machines Size 1225J5EL

 Part Number : 41039460

Belt Size 1225J5EL

5 Rib Belt

Length 1225mm

Will fit the following models


CDB264-80, CDB46447S, CDB46547S, CDB475D/101S, CDB475D-01S, CDB485D/137S, CDB485D37S, CDB754D/1-8, CDB754D/180, CDB754D-80, CDB854D-80, GO482/1-80, GO482/2-80, GO712-47, GO822-47, GO1682-80


VHD146A/2, VHD146A/L80, VHD146AL-80, VHD147A/1, VHD147A/L180, VHD147A/L80, VHD148A/L180, VHD148A/L80, VHD148AL-80, VHD614/384, VHD6164D/2, VHD714/284, VHD71424D/184, VHD71424D/L184, VHD71424D/L84, VHD71424D84, VHD7144D/484, VHD7144D/L1S, VHD7144D/LS, VHD716/284, VHD716/L184, VHD716/L84, VHD71624D/184, VHD71624D/L184, VHD71624D/L84, VHD71624D84, VHD810/L1S, VHD810/LS, VHD812/L1S, VHD812/LS, VHD812D/KSYR, VHD814/L1S, VHD814/LS, VHD8142-80, VHD8143DB80, VHD8144D/L84, VHD8145D/184, VHD8145D84, VHD8162-80, VHD822-80, VHD840, VHD842/1-80, VHD842-80, VHD844DB-80, VHD862-80, VHD912-30, VHD912/L30, VHD9143ZD/L47, VHD9144ZD/LS, VHD916ZI-47, VHD9164ZD/LS, VHD964ZD, VHDF71285S, VHDF714/LS, VHDF810/L30, VHDF81030, VHDS6113D-30, VHDS6123PD, VHDS6143ZD/LS, VHW656D-80

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