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For All VAX Vacuum Cleaner Combination Tool Head Wheeled Hoover hard floor brush


Superior quality floor tool fits vacuum cleaners with 32mm & 35mm pipes, Stainless steel base plate, with retractable brushes, you can use this tool on both carpets and hard flooring. 

35mm to 32mm Adapter Included

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Fits Models: All VAX Vacuum Cleaners

3-in-1 Multivax 6131T, Astrata V-064, 101, Centrix Pet C90-CX-P-A 121, 3-in-1 Multivax Scent of Summer 6131TO, Astrata V-064TB, DryVax V-100T, 2000, 4000, C88-VC-P-S, Essentials Pet VEC-02, 2000W Bagless Cylinder C88-CX-H, 5000, C90-EL-B-C, Essentials Pet VEC-102, 20-019, 5100, Cadence V-094, Essentials Pet VEC-105, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6121, 5130, Cadence V-094TH, Essentials VEC-01, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6121C, 5140, Car Vax 6135, Essentials VEC-03, Pet 3-in-1 Multifunction 6130, Astrata C90-AS-B-AS, Centrix 2 Pet C90-CX2-P-A, Essentials VEC-04, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6131, Astrata II V-095, Centrix 3 C89-CX3-B-A, Essentials VEC-101, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6131BLS, Astrata Pet VAC-02, Centrix C90-CX-B-A, Essentials VEC-11, Essentials VEC-21, Mach 1 Complete C90-M1-C, Mach 4 Pet C91-M4-P, Magnum Cyclonic C91-MC-B-T, Essentials VEC-31, Mach 1 Pet C90-M1-P-A, Mach 4 Stairs C91-M4-S, Maxima 2200 C91-MX-B-C, Essentials VEC-41, Mach 1 Pet VZL-7011P, Mach 5 All Terrain C91-M5-AT-A, Midi PowerMax VRS11P, Essentials VEW-01, Mach 1 Stairs VZL-7011S, Mach 5 Complete C90-M5-C, Midi PowerMax VRS11S, Family Vax 6155, Mach 1 VZL-7011A, Mach 7 Pet VZL-7017P, Mojo Plus C91-MJ-B-P, Force 10 Super Power V-091SP, Mach 2 Pet VZL-7022P, Mach Compact VZL-7061, Mojo V-002, Luna 1300, Mach 2 VZL-7022, Mach Compact VZL-7062, Mojo VS-02M, Luna 1400, Mach 2 VZL-7022HF, Mach Midi C90-MM-B-IR, Multivax 6121T, Mach 1 All Terrain VZL-7011AT, Mach 3 Complete/Allergy C91-M3-G-A, Mach Zen C91-MZ-B, Multivax SpinScrub 6151T, Mach 1 C90-M1-B, Mach 3 Powerhead C91-M3-F, Mach Zen Pet C91-MZ-P, Performance 2200T V-091TB, Performance C91-PF1-B-T, Performance V-091C ,Power 6 Pet U90-P6-P, Remo Classic VS-077, Performance C91-PF2-B-T, Performance V-091X, Power Midi 2 C89-PM2-B, Selections VS-03, Performance Complete VZL-704, Pet Vax 6140, Power Midi C90-PM-B, Sorrento V-009, Performance Floor Command V-091FC, Pet Vax 6141, Power Midi Scent of Summer C90-PM-O, Swift Bagged Cylinder V-075, Performance Pets V-091P, Pets 9131, Power Midi VX C90-PMV-B, Swift Bagged Cylinder V-075S, Performance Pets V-091PA, Pets and Stairs 8131, Power Pet V-109PB, Swift V-055, Performance Pets V-091PB, Power 5 Complete C90-P5-C, Power Reach V-075K, Swift V-106, Performance Pets V-091PBA, Power 5 Pet C90-P5-P, Rapide Compact V-033, Swift V-106AA, Performance Reach V-091S, Power 5 Pet C91-P5-P, Rapide Plus 5132, Turboforce 1800 V-052, Performance V-091, Power 5 Pets and Stairs C90-P5-E-S, Rapide Plus 5140, Turboforce 2000 V-053, Turboforce 2000x V-054, Ultrixx V-096TT, Vivality V-0071, Wash Vax V-020, Ultrixx 2000X V-096X, V-1050, VRS12 Powermax, Wash Vax V-020U, Ultrixx Cobalt V-062, V-2000C C88-VC-P-A, VRS12A Powermax, WaterJet V-001, Ultrixx Pet V-109P, V-2000C C90-VC-P-A, Wash 'n' Vac 6151SX, Wet & Dry VO-4000, Ultrixx Power Pet V-109PP, V-2400C C88-VC-T-A, Wash 'n' Vac 7131, Ultrixx Stairs V-109ST, Vax Pro V-100, Wash Pet V-020P, Ultrixx V-096, Wash Vax Total Floors V-020TF, Vivality Plus V-0072 


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