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35mm Floor Brush Tool Head for MIELE Vacuum Cleaner Hoover S8330 S8340 Cat & Dog


A multi purpose floor tool equivalent to genuine Miele part number 7250070. Adjustable via foot pedal to extend or retract the built in bristle brush. The tool can deal with carpets, rugs and vinyl whilst the brush allow it to tackle hard floors such as tile or wood. Easy to use, the tool can seamlessly switch from hard to soft floor or vice versa using the foot pedal and also has a pair of on board lint strips to ensure a through clean.

Easy to manoeuvre, the floor tool has a rotating cuff and pivoting elbow to help you clean in those hard to reach areas.

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 7250070, 

Fits Models: 

S2110 S2111  S4212, S512, S518-1, S538, S638, S728, S838, S638, S538, S517-1, S4281, S388, S518-1, S4280, S578, S718, S5280, S5281, S548, S512, S646, S534, S772, S5310, S712, S5211, S5210, S511-1, S544, S511, S4282, S5481, S4281, S4282, S4280, S4281, S5281, S5280, S4280, S626, S836, S636, S626, S711, S4210, S772, S5210, S5211, S4212, S762, S4212, S712, S712-1, S646, S648, S524, S511-1, S511, S624, S626, S711, S826, S712-1, S711, S6210, S716, S5361, S6220, S716, S726, S836, S516, S716, S512-1, S516, S526, S510, S511, S512, S386, S6220, S6320, S726, S5261, S5361, S712, S548, S524, S2110, S538, S5280, S5281, S5280, S4281, S518-1, S510, S511, S528, S5481, S2120, S712, S524, S512-1, S512-1, S712, S4211, S4212, S5281, S4211, S5480, S5481, S5481, S380, S4212, S2120, S2121, S370, S370, S381, S380, S4210, S4211, S4212, S511-1, S512-1, S5211, S571, S612, S6210, S711, S711-1, S771, S812, S8310, S710-1, S571, S712-1, S771, S371, S648, S548, S371, S4212, S512, S512-1, S624, S528, S711, S5210, S5210, S5310, S5210, S4211, S5211, S512, S718-1, S548, S748, S528, S718, S724, S644, S4211, S4280, S712, S712, S544, S571, S744, S5210, S6290, S371, S5210, S711, S712, S4212, S4211, S4280, S4281, S5281, S5280, S728, S718, S838, S828, S638, S838, S848, S648, S518, S524, S524, S511, S511-1, S512-1, S712, S6210, S626, S826, S512, S512-1, S712, S624, S538, S712, S2131, S712, S5411, S2120, S724, S644, S5281, S381, S4212, S4211, S512-1, S5210, S5211, S5261, S5281, S712, S826, S514, S624, S626, S4280, S762, S711-1, S4211, S771, S6240, S4211, S6240, S6240, S518-1, S6210, S712, S512-1, S4211, S4210, S761, S624, S712, S510, S511, S749, S749, S749, S711, S748, S380, S718-1, S762, S772, S712, S5220, S5221, S712, S4210, S762, S2120, S738, S360, S370, S371, S372, S373, S374, S378, S380, S381, S382, S384, S386, S388, S500, S501, S510, S511, S511-1, S512, S512-1, S513, S514, S514-1, S515-1, S516, S516-1, S517-1, S518, S518-1, S524, S526, S528, S534, S536, S538, S544, S548, S548, S5481, S560, S570, S571, S572, S578, S612, S624, S626, S626, S628, S628, S634, S636, S638, S644, S646, S648, S774, S771, S710, S710-1, S711, S711-1, S712, S712-1, S714, S714-1, S715, S715-1, S716, S716-1, S717, S718, S718-1, S724, S726, S726, S728, S734, S736, S738, S744, S745, S748, S749, S760, S761, S762, S764, S766, S766, S768, S770, S771, S771, S771, S771, S771, S772, S774, S774, S778, S812, S812, S826, S828, S834, S836, S838, S844, S846, S848, S849, S2111, S2120, S2110, S2131, S2111, S2110, S2111, S2120, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181, S4211, S4210, S4212, S4211, S4211, S4212, S4210, S4211, S4211, S4211, S4211, S4212, S4212, S4212, S4212, S4212, S4221, S4221, S4222, S4222, S4222, S4260, S4261, S4262, S4280, S4281, S4282, S4282, S4282, S4812, S5210, S5410, S5411, S5211, S5211, S5211, S5281, S5281, S5211, S5211, S5211, S5481, S5211, S5210, S5211, S5220, S5221, S5260, S5261, S5280, S5281, S5281, S5310, S5361, S5410, S5411, S5411, S5421, S5480, S5481, S5481, S6210, S6210, S6250, S6240, S6340, S6210, S6210, S6220, S6220, S6220, S6230, S6240, S6240, S6250, S6260, S6270, S6270, S6260, S6310, S6320, S6330, S6340, S6350, S6360, S6270, S6390, S8310, S8310, S8330, S8320, S8380, S8330, S8310, S8340, S8340, S8330, S8320, S8330, S8330, S8310, S8330, S8310, S8330, S8330, S8330, S8320, S8310, S8340, S8310, S8310, S8310, S8310, S8310, S8320, S8330, S8330, S8330, S8330, S8330, S8340, S8340, S8340, S8330, S8360, S8360, S8360, S8370, S8370, S8370, S8370, S8370, S8380, S512, S2120, S8320, S8330, S8310, S548, S544, S644, S711, S512, S6390, S711, S544, S548, S748, S371, S370, S371, S711, S511-1, S724, S749, S846, S712, S512-1, S514, S388, S5281, S524, S724, S764, S714-1, S772, S4282, S712, S711, S712, S762, S381, S512-1, S371, S381, S712-1, S4212, S512, S512-1, S512-1, S518, S518-1, S736, S371, S512-1, S712, S712-1, S716, S762, S749, S749, S716-1, S371, S371, S510, S511, S512, S712, S512-1, S5281, S5210, S762, S771, S772, S5281, S749, S745, S849, S749, S749, S812, S711-1, S518, S5210, S4211, S4212

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