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Strimmer Line Spool for BLACK & DECKER GL315 GL337 GL600 GL660 GL680 GL5530


Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 32-GL-329, RY054 


GL315, GL337, GL337SB, GL350, GL500, GL546SC, GL600, GL650, GL650SBC, GL651SB, GL652, GL652SB, GL653, GL655, GL656, GL660, GL660P, GL660PC, GL660SPC, GL670, GL670P, GL670PC, GL670SPC, GL675, GL680, GL681, GL685, GL686, GL687, GL690, GL5530

- D
iameter 1.6mm
- Length 6 metres

Outer Diameter: 67mm, Inner Circle: 20mm, Height: 31mm, Outer Diameter (Otherside): 66mm, Inner Circle (Otherside): 18mm

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