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Compatible Flymo Lawnmower Blade FLY017 Spacer Washers 513811090


Adjusting the cutting height has never been easier, than with this compatible Flymo part. By adding or removing one of these spacers you can get your lawn height right. The optimal mowing height depends on the time of the year, temperature and grass types. With this Spacer Washer set, you can ensure that your lawn height is to your own, personal preference. The easy design guarantees effortless assembly.

colour may vary 

Compatible with:

E30, E38,
E47, E52,
E250, E300, E400,
Easi Glide 300 (EG300),
Easi Glide 300V (EG300V), 
Easi Glide 300VC (EG300VC), 
Easi Glide 330 (EG330), 
Easi Glide 330VX (EG330VX), 
Easi Glide 330XV (EG330XV), 
Glider 330 (G330), 
Glider 350, 
Glide Master 340 (GM340), 
Glide Master 360 (GM360), 
Glide Master 380 (GM380), 
Hover Compact 300 (HC300), 
Hover Compact 330 (HC330), 
Hover Compact 350 (HC350), 
Hoverstripe RXE250, 
Hoverstripe RXE300, 
Hover Vac 280 (EG280),
Hover Vac 3000 (HV3000), 
Hover Vac 4000 (HV4000), 
Micro Compact 300 Plus, 
Minimo (9633045), 
Minimo Plus XE, 
Sprinter E25, 
Sprinter E30, 
Sprinter E38, 
Sprinter E250, 
Sprinter E300, 
Sprinter E400, 
Sprintmaster XE25, 
Sprintmaster XE30, 
Sprintmaster XE38, 
Sprintmaster XE250, 

Turbo Compact 300,
Turbo Compact 330,
Turbo Compact 350,
Turbo Compact 380,
Turbo Compact Vision 330,
Turbo Compact Vision 350,
Turbo Compact Vision 380,
Turbolite 330,
Turbolite 350,
Turbolite 400,
Vision Compact 330,
Vision Compact 350,
Vision Compact 380,
Vision Compact 350 Plus, 

And any model with the same pegged style spacers

Compares to FLY017, 5138110-01/9, 5136668-01/8

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