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PCB Display Board Connecting Wiring Harness For Hisense, Kenwood Fridge Freezers


PCB Display Board Connecting Wiring Harness For Hisense, Kenwood Fridge Freezers

If your display module is not functioning correctly you probably need to replace the wiring harness connection cable
To Cure
Intermittent on/off display.
Bleeping when opening door.

Why do they fail?
The original cable just uses normal wire.
Every time the door is opened, it bends the cable.
Eventually, one of the wires breaks, resulting in a fault.

Why is this cable better?
It won't fail again
* It uses multi-stranded wires - thin wire can withstand bending better without fracturing
*Each strand is much thinner. and there are 60 strands per wire,
* Each wire is sheathed in flexible silicone, instead of semi-rigid PVC.
Replaces Part number: K1495740

Fits Models:


RB403N4AC2, RB419N4WC1

ES_RD-46WC4SBACPA1-002 IT_RD-46WC4SBACLA2-005 FR_RD-46WC4SBACLA1-004 OEM_2015 RD-46WC4SPACSA2-001.. UK_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-009 OEM_2016 RD-60WC4SYACGA1-001.. AE_RD-60WC4SZABSU-001 ES_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-005 OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZBCLA1-003.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZACBA1-002.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-006.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZACLA1-002.. OEM_2012-B050 HR6BMFF520 BCD.. DE_RD-44WC4SBACLA3-001 OEM_2014 RD-60WC4SZACSA1 BCD.. OEM_2012-B051 HR6BMFF435S BC.. IT_RD-46WC4SBACLA1-002 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SBACLA1-007.. AE_RD-60WC4SZACSA1-004 OEM_2014 RD-60WC4SZBNSB BCD-.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SOACLA1-001.. AU_RD-60WC4SHASSM-002 IT_RD-44WC4SBACVA1-005 OEM_2014 RD-60WC4SZBNPB BCD-.. ES_RD-44WC4SBACPA1-004 OEM_2014 RD-44WC4SBACLA1 BCD.. DE_RD-44WC4SQACLA2-002 OEM_2015 RD-50WC4SOACLA1-001.. OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SBACLA1-007.. IT_RD-46WC4SBACLA2-002 OEM_2012-B079 RD-44WC4SBA BC.. FR_RD-46WC4SBACLA1-002 OEM_2014 RD-44WC4SEACLA1 BCD.. AU_RD-50WC4SHASSM-002 OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SQBNPA1-002.. OEM_2014 RD-44WC4SEACLA2 BCD.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZACBA1-001.. ES_RD-44WC4SBACPA1-003 OEM_2014 RD-44WC4SEBCPA2 BCD.. AU_RD-60WC4SHASPM-002 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SACPA2-001 .. OEM_2013 RD-44WC4SEBCLA2 BCD.. OEM_2016 RD-60WC4SLACPA1-001.. IT_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-005 FR_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-006 OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZBCLA1-003.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SEACTA2-001.. ZA_RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-005 OEM_2016 RD-50WC4SOACLA1-001.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SBACVA1-004.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SACTA2-001 .. OEM_2016 RD-46WC4SBCPA2-001 .. IT_RD-44WC4SBACVA1-004 OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SPACSA1-001.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZACBA1-001.. DE_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-005 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SPACPA1-001.. UK_RD-50WC4SZACSA1-002 OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SKACLA1-001.. OEM_2014 RD-60WC4SZANSB BCD-.. IT_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-007 OEM_2016 RD-46WC4SBACLA1-002.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZBCPA1-001.. OEM_2012-B047 HR6BMFF520S BC.. OEM_2013 RD-50WC4SZA BCD-385.. OEM_2015 RD-46WC4SVACSA1-001.. OEM_2013 RD-44WC4SBBCLA1 BCD.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SQBNPA1-002.. ES_RD-46WC4SBACPA2-001 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SBACLA1-007.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SACPA2-001 .. OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SEACPA2-001.. DE_RD-46WC4SBACLA2-001 IT_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-006 ES_RD-44WC4SBACPA2-002 IT_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-008 FR_RD-44WC4SPACPA1-001 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SQACPA1-002.. IT_RD-44WC4SBACVA1-003 AE_RD-60WC4SZACBA1-001 OEM_2016 RD-50WC4SZACTA1-002.. OEM_2015 RD60WCSS BCD-465WYH.. OEM_2012-B052 HR6BMFF435 BCD.. AE_RD-60WC4SZABSB-003 OEM_2016 RD-50WC4SOACTA1-001.. OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SEACPA2-001.. OEM_2013 RD-60WC4SZANSB-001 .. OEM_2016 RD-46WC4SBCVA2-001 .. OEM_2013 RD-44WC4SBACVA2 BCD.. OEM_2013-B011 RD-50WC4SZACSA.. OEM_2014 RD-60WC4SZACBA1 BCD.. OEM_2015 RD-46WC4SPACPA2-001.. OEM_2014 RD-44WC4SEBCLA2 BCD.. FR_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-010 OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SPACPA1-001.. OEM_2016 RD-50WC4SOANVB-001 .. OEM_2012-B081 RD-44WC4SBA BC.. FR_RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-009 OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SQACPA1-002.. OEM_2016 RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-006.. DE_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-008 OEM_2015 RD-44WC4SQBNPA1-002.. OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SKACLA1-001.. ZA_RD-60WC4SZBCLA1-002 UK_RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-003 OEM_2013-B010 RD-46WC4SBACLA.. AU_RD-50WC4SKASPM-001 FR_RD-44WC4SBBCLA1-006 UK_RD-44WC4SBACLA1-007 FR_RD-50WC4SOACTA1-001 OEM_2015 RD-60WC4SZBCPA1-001.. IT_RD-44WC4SBACLA2-006 AE_RD-60WC4SZABPB-001 CZ_RD-44WC4SQACLA2-002 OEM_2016 RD-50WC4SOANPB-001 .. OEM_2013 RD-60WC4SZANSB-001 .. AU_RD-50WC4SKASSM-001 AU_RD-60WC4SKASSM-001 AU_RD-60WC4SKASPM-001



Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Spot on, will buy again as our fridge door continually snaps them! 🙄

D Sutlow

Replacement wiring loom for exactly what I wanted. Easy to fit and completely solved the problem of fridge door functions not working. Order processed and delivered very quickly.

Excellent piece of kit and so easy to replace

Because the wiring loom is all in one piece, it's a simple matter of unplugging the faulty wiring and plugging the new one in.
It took 5 minutes and that was partly because I left a dirty handprint on the wall that needed washing off.
Looks far more resilient than the wiring that came with the fridge, it may well outlast the appliance itself.
Cheap at the price.

will buy from them again

will buy from them again

This item replaces original wire which flexes until it breaks. It is a known problem but Currys a...

This item replaces original wire which flexes until it breaks. It is a known problem but Currys are determined to tough it out. I will never buy another appliance from Currys!

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