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Door Lock Interlock Catch Latch For HOTPOINT Dishwasher C00195887


Door Lock Interlock Catch Latch For HOTPOINT Dishwasher 

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible with Part Number(s): C00195887 , 19-HP-111 ,  INT54 , DOR9329

Fits Models: BCI450, BCI450.C, BFI620, BFI670, BFI680, BFQ700I, BFQ700T, BFT680X, BFV620, BFV620B, BFV620K, BFV620W, BFV620X, BFV680, BFV680X,BFZ680X, BFZ700X, FDW20P, FDW60, FDW60G, FDW60P, FDW60P.1, FDW60T, FDW65A, FDW80, FDW80G, FDW80P, FDW80T, FDW85A, ID505SUK, SDW60P, SDW60PC, SDW80, SDW80G, SDW80G.C, SDW80P, SDW80P.C, SDW80T, SDW85A, SDW85A.C

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