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Knob for NEFF Hob Silver Oval Dial Control Button 189685 00416861

Oven Hob Cooker Control Switch Knob Silver For Neff 

T2344N0/01, T2344N0/02, T2344N0/03, T2344N0/10, T2346N0/01, T2346N0/02, T2346N0/03, T2346N0/10, T2346N0IL/01, T2346N0IL/14, T2346N0IL/15, T2346N0IT/01, T2346N0IT/09, T2346N0RK/01, T2346N0RK/02, T2346N0RK/03, T2346N1/01, T2346N1RU/01, T23R2N0/01, T23R2N0NL/01, T2734N0/01, T2734N0/02, T2734N0/03, T2734N0/09, T2746N0/01, T2746N0/02, T2746N0/07, T2746N1/01, T2764N0/01, T2764N0/02, T2764N0/03, T2764N0/07, T2764N0/09, T2764S0/03, T2764W0/03, T2766A0/01, T2766A0/02, T2766A0/03, T2766N0/01, T2766N0/02, T2766N0/03, T2766N0/07, T2766N0/09, T2766N0AU/01, T2766N0AU/02, T2766N0AU/03, T2766N0AU/07, T2766N0IL/01, T2766N0IL/15, T2766N0IT/01, T2766N0IT/07, T2766N0IT/08, T2766N1/01, T2766N1NL/07, T2766N1NL/09, T27R6N0/01, T27R6N0NL/01

Equivalent to part number - 189685 / 00416861

Colour - silver

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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Since 1966
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