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Dyson TP00 TP03 AM11 TP02 Pure Cool Me Link Tower Air Purifier Fan Filter


HEPA EVO Filter for Dyson Pure Cool Tower Link Air Purifiers 

Each HEPA air purifier contains a high-efficiency filter that captures 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter - HEPA Air Purifier filters are an Effective. Solution to Indoor Air Pollution.

Captures tiny particles ranging from as small as .3 microns, to the larger particles that make up most common allergens. Captures pollen, bacteria, pet dander and unwanted odours within the home - Improves air quality capturing strong odours such as food, tobacco and pet smells. 

Dimensions: 190mm x 183mm 

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 968103-04, 96810304

Fits Models: TP02, TP03, TP00 , AM11, BP01 Pure Cool Me

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