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UV Room Temperature Sterilizer RTD-208

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UV Room Temperature Sterilizer RTD-208A.
This tabletop UV sterilizer Can be used to sterilize brushes, combs, towels, manicure and pedicure implements, surgical equipment, scissors, cuticle pushers and Suitable for materials made of glass, metal, plastic, and others. Built-in UV lamp(ultraviolet light) to sterilize different types of tools, Effectively clean your utensils and sterilize them for complete effectiveness. 2 layer sterilizer cabinet with UV light, small occupying space, complete disinfection, low power consumption and stability. Three timer setting modes(30-60-90 min) for your selection Specification: Model: 9002T Name:UV Sterilizer Voltage: AC 110V,60Hz, AC220V,50Hz (please leave us a message about the voltage you need ) Power: 8W Capacity: 10L Disinfection method: UV + ozone Disinfection time: 30MIN Power cord length: 1.8M Size: 13.77" X 9.84" X 8.66"