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Genuine Original Vax 'Type B' C89 Series Pre-Motor Filter


Genuine replacement Pre-Motor filter for your Vax vacuum cleaner.  Clean or replace your filters regularly to maintain optimum performance.  Suitable for C87-MA-P, Powermax, Air, Power 5, Power 6, Zoom, White Pet cylinders, and V2300U, Turboforce and Power 9 uprights.

Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s): 1-7-131401-00 , 1113099500

Fits Models: C85-P4-Pe, C88-AM-P, C89-P6N-P, C89-MA-T, C87-AM-T, C85-WW-Pe, CCMBPNV1C1, C89-MA-B, C89-MA-P, CVRAV013, C86-E2-Be, C89-P6N-T, C86-E2-Re, C85-E2-Be, C86-MA-B, C87-MA-PF, CCMBPDV1C1, VRS30CG, C89-MA-Be, C86-E2-Pe, C88-P6-T, C88-P5-P, U88-VU-T-A, C87-MA-PFe, U89-P9-P, C85-E2-Pe, C85-EW-Be, C86-AM-C, C85-EW-Pe, C88-A-PH, U89-P9-T, C88-AM-B, AWC01, U87-VU-C, C87-AM-L, AWC02, U87-VU-T, U89-P9-B, C85-P4-Be, C89-P6-B, C85-WW-Be

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