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Two TYPE 30 TYP.30 Charcoal Carbon Hood Filters for Philips Whirlpool Hoods

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Two Genuine Philips Whirlpool  charcoal filters (Type 30) for cooker extractor hoods

Fits the following models - 9029793750

Fits models: AKG754PH/BV, AKG754PH/WH, AKG768PH/BR, AKG768PH/WH, AKG950/NB, AKG950/WH, AKG950NB, AKG950WH, AKG958PW/BR, AKG958PW/WH, AKG989IX, AKB086/F/IX, AKB086/F , AKB089PH/BV, AKG 952/NB, AKG768PH/BR, AKG950/WH, AKG954/WH, AKG958PW/BR, AKG989IX, AKR410AV, AKR412/AV, AKR663WH, AKR683WH, G2PCHC/GY, G2PCHI/GY

Measurements: Diameter: 230mm / 240mm, Depth: 46mm

Anti Odour Active Filter - Regularly replacing your cooker hood filters can greatly improve its effectiveness within your kitchen.

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