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Genuine NEFF Silver Oven Cooker Point & Twist Knob Grill Hob Switch Dial

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  • Genuine NEFF Silver Oven Cooker Point & Twist Knob Grill Hob Switch Dial
  • Replaces Part Number: 00614176
  • Kit Contains: 1 x Silver Oven Cooker Point & Twist Knob Grill Hob Switch
  • Fits Models: T13T30N0/01, T13T40N0/01, T13T40N0/02, T13T82N0/01, T13T82N0/02, T13T82N0/03, T14B82N0/01, T14B82N0/02, T14B82N0/03, T14T10N0/01, T14T30N0/01, T14T40N0/01, T14T40N0/02, T14T70N0/01, T14T70N0/02, T14T82N0/01, T14T82N0/02, T14T82N0/03, T14T90N0/01, T14T90N0/02, T14T90N0/03, T14U82N0/01, T14U82N0/02, T15T40X0/01, T15T40X0/02, T15T82X0/01, T15T82X0/02, T15T82X0/03, T15T90X0/01, T15T90X0/02, T15T90X0/03, T43T20N0/01, T43T20N0/02, T43T40N0/01, T43T40N0/02, T43T80N0/01, T43T80N0/02, T43T80N0/03, T43T80N1/01, T43T85N0/01, T43T85N0/02, T44D30N0/01, T44D30N0/02, T44D30N1/01, T44D35N0/01, T44D35N0/02, T44T30N0/01, T44T30N0/02, T44T35N0/01, T44T40N0/01, T44T40N0/02, T44T40N0RU/01, T44T63N0/01, T44T70N0/01, T44T70N0/02, T44T80N0/01, T44T80N0/02, T44T80N0/03, T44T85N0/01, T44T90N0/01, T44T90N0/02, T44T97N0/01, T45T40X0/01, T45T40X0/02, T45T63X0/01, T45T80X0/01, T45T80X0/02, T45T80X0/03, T45T80X1/01, T45T90X0/01, T45T90X0/02, T45T97X0/01, T83I40N0MC/01, T83I40N0MC/02, T83I43N0MC/01, T83I80N0MC/01, T83I80N0MC/02, T83I80N0MC/03, T83I80N1MC/01, T83T40N0MC/01, T83T40N0MC/02, T83T40N0MC/03, T83T40N0MC/04, T83T82N0MC/01, T83T82N0MC/02, T83T82N0MC/03, T83T82N0MC/04, T85I40X0MC/01, T85I80X0MC/01, T85I80X0MC/02, T85I80X1MC/01, T93I20N0MK/01, T93I43N0MK/01, T93T40N0MK/01, T93T40N0MK/02, T93T44N0MK/01
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