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for BAUMATIC Oven Cooker Oven Lower Heating Element 49023149, 25100140

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  • for BAUMATIC Oven Cooker Oven Lower Heating Element 49023149, 25100140
  • Reference Number: 49023149, 25100140
  • Fits Models: 186SS, AS13.1SS-A, AS13SS-A, AS14M-A, AS15.1AL-B, AS15AL-B, AS19SS-A, AS21SS, AS3SS, AS8.2ALSS, AS8AL, AS8AL-A, B100BL-A, B100SS-B, B100W-A, B101BL, B102SS, B103SS-B, B105SS-A, B106SS-A, B153SS, B153SS-A, B155.1SS-A, B155.1SS-B, B155-1SS, B155SK-X, B155SS, B156SS, B156SS-A, B170.2IT.AV, B170.2IT.GBL, B170.2IT.RA, B175SS, B177SS-B, B178SS, B185.1IT.BL, B185SS-B, B186.1IT.X, B187, B187.2SS-B, B187BL, B187BL-A, B187BL-B, B187DKBL, B187DKW, B187DKX, B187NB-B, B187SKBL-B, B187SKW-B, B187SKX-B, B187SS, B187SS-A, B187SS-B, B187W, B187W-B, B188SS-B, B189SS-B, B190PS-A, B191SS-A, B200LS-A, B200SSA, B200SS-A, B201IT.X, B201LS-A, B205SS-A, B206IT.X, B209SS-A, B230CH-A, B230IT.CH, B475SS, B484SS, B495SKX-A, B495SS, B495SS-A, B497SS, B497SS-A, B550BDY-A, B550GBL, B550GBL-A, B550IV-A, B550LILAC-A, B550MINT-A, B550PINK-A, B550SS-A, B710X, B720BL, B721, B721BL-A, B721W-A, B722SS-A, B723SS-A, B724SS, B724SS-A, B902.1BL-B, B902.1W-B, B904.1SS, B904.1SS-B, B905.1SS-B, B905.2SS-A, B905.2SS-B, B910SS-A, B99SS, BA187BL, BA187W, BA191SS-A, BA495SS, BA550GBL, BA904.2SS, BC100SS, BC185SS, BC187BL, BC187WH, BK200SS, BK200W, BK625PSS, BK627PSS, BK629PSS, BK6P9PSS, BO624SS, BOC7010BL, BOC7010SS, BOC7010W, BOM5100SS, BOM5200SS, BOM5201SS, BOM7100S, BOM7101SS, BOM7200SS, BOM7201SS, BOM7250SS, BOM7250W, BOM7340CO, BOM7340GBL, BOM7340ST, BOM9240SS, BOM9249SS, BOS4110SS, BR904SS, BS100SS-B, BS182SS, BT1800, BT180W, BT187CSS, BT187SS, BT189SS, BT301SS, BT401SS, BT484SS, BT484SS (A), BT484SS-A, BT585SS, BT96W, BT99, BT99W, BW152SS, DA188SS, DA188W, HT125X, L006033, L006038, L186SS, L186W, ME61ODI, OMBRA1SS, P110SS, P120SS, P130SS, P140SS, P165SS, P460SS, P460SS (PYTHAGORA), P613IT.X, P613SS, P615SS, P615SS-SA, P620BL, P620SK.BL-A, P620SS, P620SS (PYTHAGORA), P621SS, P625SS, P630SS, P630SS-SA, P631SS, P640SS, P640SS (PYTHAGORA), P641SS, P650SS, P650SS (PYTHAGORA), P660SS, P670SS, P760SS, P960SS, PO900SS, POC9020BL, POC9020SS, POC9020W, POG4291SS-BX, POK9140SS, POM651SS, POP1040BL, POP1040SS, POP1040W, POP1050SS, POP1050W, POP9029SS, POP9030BL, POP9030SS, POP9030W, PW630SS, WK985L
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