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Filter Kit for BOSCH All Rounder Hepa 2000w BSGL4000GB/01 Vacuum Cleaner 618907 572234

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  • Compatible HEPA & Motor Protection Filter for Bosch Vacuum Cleaners
  • Replaces Parts: 572234 & 618907
  • Reference Numbers: 27-BS-07 & FIL425
  • Fits Bosch Models

All Rounder Hepa 2000w BSGL4000GB/01

GL30 / BSA2501/05, BBS6319GB/06, BSA2810/06, BSA3100/05, BBS6320/09, BSA2600/05, BSA2822/06, BSA3100/06, BBS6320/10, BSA2601/05, BSA2822CH/06, BSA3100RU/09, BBS6321/09, BSA2602/02, BSA2834/02, BSA3133/05, BSA100KA/05, BSA2602/05, BSA2834/05, BSA3280GB/09, BSA100KA/06, BSA2602/06, BSA2835/05, BSD2700RU/06, BSA2100UC/06, BSA2733/05, BSA2835/06, BSD2800RU/06, BSA2302/05, BSA2733/06, BSA3010/05, BSD2802/06, BSA2322/05, BSA2754/02, BSA3010/06, BSD2805/06, BSA2453/06, BSA2800IL/05, BSA3022/09, BSD2820/06, BSD2822/06, BSG42000/05, BSG71266GB/07, BSG71810GB/04, BSD3000RU/06, BSG42000/06, BSG71666/07, BSG71825/01, BSD3020/06, BSG42000GB/06, BSG71666/14, BSG71825GB/01, BSD3025RU/06, BSG42402/06, BSG71800/01, BSG71825GB/03, BSD3200GB/06, BSG61663/03, BSG71800GB/07, BSG71826/01, BSD3220/06, BSG61822GB/02, BSG71801/01, BSG71830/01, BSG41700GB/05, BSG61822GB/03, BSG71810/01, BSG71866/01, BSG41700GB/06, BSG61870GB/02, BSG71810CH/01, BSG72000/01, BSG41800/05, BSG62022/03, BSG71810GB/01, BSG72025GB/04, BSG41800/06, BSG62400GB/03, BSG71810GB/03, BSG72025GB/07, BSG72070GB/07, BSG81365UC/01, BSG81801/01, BSG82010/10, BSG72212/07, BSG81365UC/03, BSG81810AU/01, BSG82012/01, BSG81215UC/01, BSG81370UC/03, BSG81880/01, BSG82012/02, BSG81265UC/01, BSG81380UC/03, BSG81880GB/01, BSG82020/04, BSG81313UC/01, BSG81396UC/01, BSG81885/01, BSG82020/09, BSG81313UC/03, BSG81396UC/03, BSG82000/01, BSG82020/10, BSG81313UC/06, BSG81666/01, BSG82000GB/01, BSG82022/01, BSG81335UC/01, BSG81666/09, BSG82001/01, BSG82022GB/01, BSG81335UC/03, BSG81666/10, BSG82010/01, BSG82030/01, BSG81360UC/03, BSG81800AU/01, BSG82010/07, BSG82030AU/01, BSG82030AU/10, BSG82070/01, BSG82502/12, BSGL32223/03, BSG82032/04, BSG82077/01, BSG8PRO2/09, BSGL3222RU/03, BSG82040/01, BSG82090/01, BSGL31266/03, BSGL32383/03, BSG82050/01, BSG82090/02, BSGL32000/03, BSGL41266/01, BSG82050/04, BSG82200GB/01, BSGL32015/03, BSGL4200AU/01, BSG82060/01, BSG82213/12, BSGL3210RU/03, BSGL4223AU/01, BSG82060CH/01, BSG82480AU/10, BSGL32115/03, BX32500GB/02, BSG82060CH/02, BSG82485/01, BSGL32125/03, BSG82060GB01, BSG82502/01, BSGL32222/03

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