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Compatible BOSCH Oven Lamp Bulb Lens Glass Cover HB, HE, HEN, HBN, HSV, HGV, HM Series

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  • Compatible BOSCH Oven Lamp Bulb Lens Glass Cover HB, HE, HEN, HBN, HSV, HGV, HM Series
  • Replaces Part Number: HSB745055E/01
  • Kit Contains: Compatible BOSCH Oven Lamp Bulb Lens Glass Cover
  • Fits Models: HBA13B250B/01, HBA13B250B/02, HBA13B251A/01, HBM13B160B/08, HBM13B251B/08, HBM13B550B/01, HBM43B250B/08, HBM43B260B/08, HBM43B260B/35, HBM43B260B/45, HBM56B550B/08, HBM56B551B/01, HBN131150B/01, HBN131220B/01, HBN131220B/02, HBN131220B/03, HBN131250B/01, HBN131250B/02, HBN131250B/03, HBN131251B/01, HBN131260B/01, HBN131260B/02, HBN131260B/03, HBN13B221B/08, HBN13B251B/08, HBN13B261B/08, HBN200SGB/04, HBN202SGB/03, HBN202SGB/06, HBN225BGB/02, HBN2320GB/03, HBN2820GB/02 HBN2850GB/02, HBN2850GB/04, HBN2850GB/05, HBN331E0B/01, HBN331E0B/02, HBN331E0B/04, HBN331E0B/05, HBN331E0B/06, HBN331E0B/07, HBN331E0B/08, HBN331E0B/09, HBN331E0B/10, HBN331E0B/11, HBN331E0B/12, HBN331E0B/13, HBN331E0B/14, HBN331E0B/15, HBN331E0B/16, HBN331S0B/05, HBN331S0B/06, HBN331S0B/07, HBN331S0B/08, HBN331S0B/09, HBN331S0B/11, HBN331S0B/12, HBN331S0B/13, HBN331S0B/14, HBN331S0B/15, HBN331S0B/16, HBN331S0B/17, HBN331S0B/18 HBN331S0B/19, HBN331S0B/20, HBN331S0B/21, HBN331S0B/22, HBN331S0B/23, HBN331W0B/03, HBN331W0B/04, HBN331W0B/06, HBN331W0B/07, HBN331W0B/08, HBN331W0B/09, HBN331W0B/10, HBN331W0B/12, HBN331W0B/13, HBN331W0B/14, HBN331W0B/15, HBN331W0B/16, HBN331W0B/17, HBN331W0B/18, HBN331W0B/19, HBN331W0B/20, HBN331W0B/21, HBN43B250B/08, HBN43B250B/35, HBN43B260B/08, HBN43B260B/35, HBN531E0B/25, HBN532AGB/01, HBN574850/01
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